Crate RFX-30 Retrofex Guitar Amp

Sale Includes: (1) Crate RFX30 Retrofex Guitar Amplifier

Showroom Condition - Less Than 2 Hours Total Time Used

A Little History: I am a 44 year old, very amateur, musician. Unfortunately, some minor medical issues keep me from playing any guitar, therefore, I am selling my Schecter Diamond Series C-1+ Plus and this Crate Amp. This amp was a gift, purchased new for me about 18 months ago. It's been played, only by me, for a total of probably less than 2 hours. It is in perfect condition in every way. It has always been stored indoors, in my bedroom closet. See my other auctions for details on the guitar.

Description 1: The amp sounds great. It produces and amazing amount of volume. For indoor practicing, I rarely turn the level more than 1/8 turn.

Description: 2 As you can clearly see by the photos, it is in pefect condition!

Description 3: You can see how clean it is and how there is no wear to speak of on the rubber feet.

Description 4: The photo above is the input jack. The photo below allows you to plug in an Ipod or CD Player to play along with, plus a headphone jack. This is a great setup for a practice amp. The DSP controls are for the Digital Sound Processing effects.

Amp and Guitar: This auction is for the Crate Amp only! The guitar is NOT included, however, it is being offered as a seperate auction. Buy both, and I'll save you some money on shipping.

Description 6: Notice the leather carry strap - just like it was the day it arrived from the manufacturer. To the left of the strap is a built in tuner - another great feature!

Description 7: The photos make the gold trim on top look scratched, but it is NOT. Most of what you see is dust and finger smudges. The clear plastic protective from the factory is still there, so if you want to remove it, the gold trim is in MINT condition.

Please rest assured. The guitar, case, and amplifier are in perfect condition without any paint chips, nicks, scrathes or cracks. Please check my feedback. I recently sold my BMW330i on Ebay. I've been a real estate broker for more than 20 years, with a very large internet following, so I cannot afford to do anything that threatens my reputation. More about me.

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The seller has long been a well established local professional with strong ties to the area in which he and his company has been headquartered since 1986. He is a Real Estate Broker and owner of Lake Realty Group, LLC of New Buffalo, MI. His contact information is widely published throughout the internet, as are Testimonials from past buyers.

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